We are Savvy

Data-driven, for smarter buildings

Make decisions based on real-time data to improve your tenants’ working experience.

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Optimise Your Building

Monitor day-to-day activity in your building so you can reduce costs, maximise efficiency and improve the working environment.

Improve Your Tenant Experience

Actively engage tenants with their building and local businesses to increase community, loyalty and retention.

Collect real-time data

Access portfolio, building and company level data at any time, from anywhere – putting you in control of your building.

Build the office of the future, now.

Optimise building efficiency and maintain revenue, with Savvy’s cutting edge technology and bespoke analytics…

  • Real-time data, and historical trends on your building usage
  • Identify and optimise rarely used space, unlocking additional revenue opportunities
  • Promote well building behaviours
  • Compare and contrast different buildings in your portfoilo
  • Attract and retain tenants with additional services to differentiate your asset
  • We offer a white-labelled app solution to build your brand awareness

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What We Do

The App

Transform the current communication flow with your tenants in your building. The fantastic Savvy app gives every person the ability to engage in the building community and get the bonus of access to hyperlocal offers and engagement tools.

Building Data

Turn any building into a smart building. Savvy’s sensor tech provides insights into your building ranging from occupancy levels, user flow heat maps, down to the granular detail of desk and room usage. Our data  enables asset managers and landlords to make proactive building management decisions.

Local businesses post offers through the online portal

Retailers and Savvy Partners post discounts on products or services for tenants in local buildings, promoting their business to a new, hyperlocal audience.

The Savvy Dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard, developed by our in-house property experts, allows you to seamlessly manage the community from the app usage and the understand physical utilisation building data, and get a unique, combined, insight into your building.

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Who Are Savvy?

We are Savvy – the platform that connects people, technology, and service.

We exist to give greater control to Asset Managers and Landlords, allowing you to respond to the needs of your tenants and adapt your space to become a service.

Our dedicated team of industry professionals have one goal: to build stronger connections between buildings and those that work in them. With Savvy’s blend of creativity and people-powered technology, we’ve achieved that!

If you’re an asset manager or landlord who wants to optimise their space, a retailer who wants to find new customers hiding in plain sight, or an employer or employee who wants to have an impact on their workplace, Savvy works for you.

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