All your building data in one place
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A powerful tool to help manage buildings safely and efficiently

Own your dashboard and promote your brand to employees and occupiers. Our data rich platform gives you improved visibility over your building and provides useful insights into how it is utilised.

Building Data
Building Data

View real-time data and historical trends across your building

Issue Reporting
Issue Reporting

Keep track of reported issues and understand tenant pain points


Shared News feeds, Directory and documents all in one place

Visualise the data collected from your building.

Our easy and simple to navigate dashboard lets you explore the data collected from your building or portfolio in greater depth. Get an overall view of the number of people in your building at any one time, compare occupancy across your buildings or the indoor air quality in communal areas. Engage in proactive asset management supported by your data.

View data from entire portfolios, buildings, floors, individual demises or amenities
Live and historical occupancy numbers
Indoor air quality
Occupational density
Desk utilisation
Energy consumption
Real-time issue reporting and feedback

We help landlords and property managers understand the pain points of their tenants. Our dashboard allows occupiers to provide transparent feedback, so that you can review and act on issues that have been raised faster. Keep up-to-date with ongoing building issues and reward great service from the management team.

A centralised dashboard for ticket management
Instant email notifications when a ticket is raised.
Provide status updates to tenants.
Filter tickets by status or type.
Engage the building community

Your building News feed is visible on our mobile and web apps allowing you to manage and engage with the community from your desktop. Create the same posts, polls and events for all your occupiers to view. The Building Information page allows managers to upload documents to a central repository accessible to all tenants, they’ll also be able to amend opening times and add key contact details.

All the same great features of the News feed
Building Information page
Document Repository
Interact with colleagues, wherever they’re working from

Employees and occupiers can stay connected via the Savvy Dashboard. Your Building and company News feeds are available on the web app as well as the Directory with all your colleagues. Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries together. Admin users can even manage the users in their company and the content on their News feeds. So if a post doesn’t look right or a colleague leaves they can be removed instantly.

Building and Company News feeds
Company Directory
Automated birthday and anniversary posts
User and content management for admins
Explore your building community

Your building News feed is visible on our mobile and web apps allowing you to engage with the community from your desktop. Create and interact with the same posts, polls and events in the building and your company. Get easy access to information and download documents you need from the Building Information page.

All the same great features of the News feed from the building and your company
Building Information page
Download documents

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