Savvy Tech and the return to the workplace

The continued easing of lockdown has served to focus the minds of decision makers in many businesses as they begin to consider ways to bring employees back to the workplace quickly and safely. Reoccupation strategies will require a phased approach, as the offices we left behind are adapted to meet new requirements on social distancing and we try to learn what does and does not work for our businesses.

We know technology has a major role to play in this process, making the office fit for now, tomorrow and the future. This will take the shape of accurate data collection and the valuable insights this will provide us as well as helping to keep us safe by replacing contact heavy actions around the office with contactless alternatives. 

The office front door is an obvious example of a high-risk contact point, and one that can easily be addressed today with mobile phone door access. Door handles might be avoidable but key fob readers are not. Remote door unlocking via our mobile app takes this out of play and can even provide a completely contactless experience on an automated door. 

In keeping with safe social distancing requirements, office occupancy will have to be reduced and the number of people on-site actively managed. Our use of anonymous people counting sensors at entry points provide a simple solution to an otherwise daunting task. Automated email alerts ensure management knows when they’re nearing safe capacity limits and can take action before the office becomes unsafe. This technology will continue to benefit employers as they adjust their occupancy levels with changing guidelines over the medium and long term, while continuing to provide reassurance to employees.

The reality of COVID-19 has left many people more conscious of the health implications surrounding poor air quality. To meet the safety expectations of employees, businesses are already taking steps to improve the quality of the air in their offices – however many are attempting to do so without the necessary tools to measure and display this improvement. Our indoor air quality sensors are a simple solution, providing reassurance now and ongoing comfort for the future. 

Over the past two months we have seen unprecedented changes in the way we work. Never have so many of us enjoyed the flexibility of working from home, and neither have we wholeheartedly embraced technology to such a degree. These changes will make the solutions needed for offices in the short-term far easier to implement and will undoubtedly help to reshape the workplace of tomorrow. 

We want to be part of this process and support our clients on their journey to a new normal in the workplace.