Savvy Offers

Our partners create the foundation of a Savvy community.

Through the unique partner portal local merchants and online retailers can engage with new customers in their immediate vicinity, and people in Savvy buildings can discover new businesses on their doorstep.

Post exclusive offers and discounts for local tenants, creating a hyperlocal marketplace between you and the Savvy buildings around you. Promote your brand to new and existing customers, build customer loyalty, and drive revenue to your business.


  • Free
    Sign up and promote your business to local customers for free
  • Flexible
    Turn offers on and off as and when it suits your business
  • Fast
    Create new real time offer in 60 seconds using the portal
  • Communal
    Foster a community by understanding your local customers
  • Connected
    Digitally connect to a community of potential customers
  • Customised
    Drive revenue to your business by the portal on your terms

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