Savvy Solutions

Aggregated data from every Savvy building within your portfolio

Savvy’s cutting edge technology and bespoke analytics feed our powerful desktop dashboard linking you with your building’s performance 24/7.

As tenants interact with your building and the Savvy App, we collate data – occupational density, total number of visitors, access use, tenant engagement – to help you make accurate, informed decisions about how best to utilise your space, in real- time. Not only does this help to improve your building’s efficiency, it also allows you to respond to tenant needs before they ask, boosting retention of current tenants and attraction of new ones.

Optimising your building

  • Live occupational density
  • Proactive asset management
  • Reduce churn and attract new tenants
  • Instant portfolio comparisons
  • Future-ready building technology
  • Super-fast internet connectivity

Get Savvy

Provide a great tenant experience

Community, local perks and engagement

– Join a vertical community
– Connect tenants with local businesses
– Vote on building decisions instantly
– Flag any building issues
– Access to hyperlocal discounts

The Savvy App is the tenants’ gateway to the office of the future.

Empower Employers

A new communication platform, shared building engagement & office usage insight

– Create a better office community
– Polls to enable engagement
– Real-time office insights
– Peer to peer rewards
– Promote wellness for staff

The Savvy employer dashboard is a holistic tool for office management, wellness, and HR.