Smart Building Technology

Improve the management of your building
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Collect data from multiple sensors and visualise on one platform

Occupancy and space utilisation

We work with a number of market leading IoT sensor providers enabling us to capture data from even the most challenging buildings. Our sensor deployments can help property managers understand how their buildings are being occupied over the course of a day, week or month. All data collected is filtered through to your own Management Dashboard providing useful insights and analytics.

Real-time occupancy data
Density ratios throughout your space
Encourage social distancing
Manage capacity safely
Indoor Environment

Indoor air quality has long been an overlooked element of office wellbeing. Now, everyone is waking up to its importance. Savvy works with RESET certified devices to capture air quality data in your building, encouraging onsite teams to be proactive when managing HVAC systems for their occupiers.

Real-time air quality monitoring
RESET certified devices
CO2, humidity, chemicals, fine dust and temperature
Desk Utilisation

Improve your space planning and make the most of the desks in your office. Whether you’re providing a managed solution or looking after your own office knowing how your desks are used enables you to make better informed decisions.

Live desk occupancy
Historical trends and analytics
Max, min and average occupancy
Energy monitoring

Many real estate businesses are striving to improve the sustainability of their buildings. Through the Savvy platform we make it easy to monitor your energy consumption at even the most granular level. Our partners supply quick and easy to install hardware that starts to gather data instantly. Our Dashboard lets property managers visualise this data and gain powerful insights on their energy consumption.

Consumption per hour
Cost per hour
Heat mapping of usage
Weekly reports

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